Foil Scrim Kraft FSK Tape

Bully Bond Foil Scrim Kraft Tape

Bully Bond Foil Scrim Kraft FSK Tape is used for HVAC sheet metal ducts and reflective/fiberglass insulation laps or joints. This product is a moisture and vapor barrier to be used on insulating products, or patching of HVAC duct work. It is UL-723 listed and is a Flame Retardant. It is cold weather rated for a wide range of temperature applications.




1.88in x 50y (48mm x 46m)
24 Rolls/Carton


2.83in x 50y (72mm x 46m)
16 Rolls/Carton

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The Bully Bond Foil Scrim Kraft Tape has a diamond pattern. It is primarily used as an insulation seaming tape. It's tear resistant and tri-directionally reinforced. It is specially designed for taping insulation joints against moisture and vapor on tri-directional foil scrim kraft jacketing. When absolute strenght is required, use it as a fiberglass duct wrap or for patching scrim reinforced duct installation. Has a natural kraft paper liner that easily releases. Extreme strength, tear resistant, UV, moisture and mold resistant. Has a super high tack and aggressively bonds to surfaces. Tested and compliant with UL-723.

Tested and compliant with UL-723, ROHS

  • Resists flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation, some chemicals, water vapor and smoke transmission
  • Tri-directional reinforcement. Can be used in most weather conditions and at a wide variety of temperatures
  • Thermal conductivity helps cooling and heating efficiency, improving efficiency in systems
  • Conformable backing and pressure sensitive rubber adhesive adheres to a variety of smooth or irregular surfaces